Our History

The growth of TAEHA does not stop.

We will become world class company with continuous infrastructure
innovation and advanced organizational deployment,

ABOUT US Growth Period
2002 - 2010
Growth Period
  • 2002

    Awarded Korea CEO Brand Power
    Top Prize for $1 Million Export
    STEX700T Series Launching

    STEX8020E Series Launching
    7 Series Controller for Excavators

  • 2003

    Development of 7 Series Cluster, Controller for Wheel Loader
    Development of an Erometer using Electromagnetic Braking (Industrial Support)

  • 2004

    STEX8000 Series Launching
    Acquiring certification of outstanding business after-sales service
    Certification of KIDA Industrial Design Award

  • 2005

    Acquire a universal patent
    Development of Clusters and Controllers for Medium Forks
    the top prize in $3 million in exports

  • 2006

    Development of Remote Management Response Controller for China
    Application of bike seat adjustment system registration
    Top Award for $5 Million Export

  • 2007

    Transfer of head office expansion
    Certified by INNOBIZ companies for innovation
    Development of Excavator 9 Series Controller

  • 2008

    Universal Bio-Stride International trademark registration
    Awarded small and medium sized business in Gyeonggi Province
    Development of Wheel Loader 9 Series Controller, Cluster, Monitor

  • 2009

    Development of RMCU for Excavator Remote Monitoring
    Development of the Rear Detection Camera Module for Construction Equipment
    TP510 Development

  • 2010

    Vance company certification (R&D sector)
    Designate excellent products of the Procurement Administration (S25T series)
    An Award-winning citizens of Anyang (Industrial and Economy)
    Obtained wheelloader, forklift monitor, good design mark